Film: Man of Steel, Star Trek, The Internship

Aki they are already making a part 2 and I don’t like part 1. Yeah, I said it. I didn’t like Man of Steel…I mean, I liked it, because it is a superhero movie, and I can’t help but like those, but as superhero movies go…nah. I liked Star Trek Into Darkness better. Yeah. It […]

Film: Skyfall

sighs in ecstasy I watched Skyfall yesterday. I was one of the first people in East Africa to do so. I am so glad I am a blogger! Lol. Yo. Y’all do not even understand how good that movie was. It was funny. It was somber. It was action-packed. It was sexy. It was… It […]


I feel like I’m in an unusual place in my life,a place of absolute confusion hidden in semi-clarity,which I realize makes almost no sense except to me,and actually,probably more people,because,yeah,thanks Solomon,there is nothing new under the sun,etc,bla bla bla. Point is,it’s strange to me. I feel like I’ve become this person I don’t recognize,yet always […]


So clearly,that day another post didn’t come. The best laid plans… I have eaten so much raw food in the name of learning how to do this cooking thing. It’s gotten to the point that I overcook everything,because I’d rather have overcooked than raw. The raw eating is not because I take it off the […]

My 5 links…

I was TOTES going to write you a post today. Ah, screw it, I may do 2… Work’s been a bit mad. Hence the lack of narcissistic reading material. You know you miss me. So thanks to @edgicovi (who blogs here), I must now put up this. She made me work. As in? Lol. begins […]

My weekend

Church,and then an old friend comes over for lunch. It’s strange how we change from our childhood states. We used to be the pervy kids,deliberately misconstruing everything our teachers said,giggling obviously behind our books. I’m still pervy,but he became principled. I was supposed to be the principled one! It was weird. Blast from the past […]

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