So clearly,that day another post didn’t come. The best laid plans…

I have eaten so much raw food in the name of learning how to do this cooking thing. It’s gotten to the point that I overcook everything,because I’d rather have overcooked than raw. The raw eating is not because I take it off the stove too early; it’s because I keep tasting it to see if it’s done. I’ve had raw spaghetti,raw rice,raw mincemeat,raw chicken…all I’m saying is it’s a good thing I went to a Kenyan boarding school. If my stomach was anything less than iron,there would be bedlam.

The other day I was cooking rice and I put in the required 1:2 rice:water ratio. But it still didn’t taste cooked after all the water was done,so I added more. Which is the logical course of action,right? Apparently not. There was a distinct ladyparts sound again,and a sogginess that threatened to crystallize into an ugali-like structure. As we all know,I’m not at that level yet. Worked out ok in the end,however. Whoop!

Funnily enough,though,it’s the hard stuff that’s easy for me. I made some LEGIT lemon chicken two days ago. Jus sayin. Butter instead of oil is so mouthwatering it’s ridiculous. So now after discovering the deep secrets of cuisine (ie that it’s easy) I’m feeling all ambitious and wanting to marinate and saute and shii. To be fair,it’s just adding madoidos to the tomatoes and onions,the way mamas make it look like an initiation rite. Ain’t no rocket science here,heifer. This ain’t the Norfolk. Watch this tasty space. Ha.

On the way to gourmet,

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  1. It seems all you do lately is cook…err..ATTEMPT to cook and watch movies…I want your life 🙂

    And fyi i'm an excellent cook…if you want lessons or anything *wink*

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