My 5 links…

I was TOTES going to write you a post today. Ah, screw it, I may do 2…

Work’s been a bit mad. Hence the lack of narcissistic reading material. You know you miss me.

So thanks to @edgicovi (who blogs here), I must now put up this. She made me work. As in? Lol. begins copy pasting

…‘My 5 Links’, which @eGichomo (a blogging enthusiast, among other things) who blogs here calls a chance to go into the archives and share some of the links that you feel deserve another read. It’s also to appreciate bloggers in Kenya and share mini-blog rolls for a broader read. A most noble idea, I must say. If and when you take part, tag five bloggers whom you’d like to read a similar post from.’

That being said:
1. My Most Popular Post
Whaddaya mean, my ‘MOST’ popular?? They were ALL RIP-ROARINGLY SUCCESSFUL!! DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?? buries head in sand Hold on, lemme check the stats…HA! That’s hilarious. It was A Moderately Offensive Post. No offense. I loved that one. :o)

2. Post that didn’t get the attention it deserved.
Erm…refer to second sentence in previous category. HA. Erm…OH! Ok i can’t remember so far back, but most recently (yeah, yeah, AFTER looking at the stats), June 25. How now was there no weeping and wailing an gnashing of teeth inserted there? Why were there no heartfelt tributes, memories, video clips? Are you people serious? You are NOT serious. And you are NOT serious about Pop. I’ll make my OWN damn tribute. Shiiiiiiiii. (I’m calming down in just a sec)

3. Post whose success surprised me.
Ha. Really? Coz that was gonna happen. Lol. Erm… checks stats…AGain… Maybe Fears that Bind. It was really long. and emotional. Not exactly my normal style…

4. My Most Controversial Post.
Erm. Wow. I’m beginning to feel like I don’t read my own blog. Erm…I’m not a very controversial kinda girl. I believe in free love, sharing blunts (HA!), that sorta thing. That being said…eish. I dunno. I’ll go with The Ex Rule. People are generally nice to me. It’s a round face/cute smiley thing. :o)

5. Post I am most proud of.
This is a trick question, isn’t it? They’ve all been trick questions, haven’t they. Just one? Ok… here.

– @Nigmwa who writes here.
– Angel, who writes here.
– @MoNahwi, who writes here.
– @abbakidenda, who writes here.
– @arungaian, who writes here.


ps. Check out AllWoman.
ps. A few favourites:
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