Sign saying Hot Stone Massage, Opem Daily from 10 am to 10 pm

thoughts at the hot stone massage

Oh my I forgot to wear underwear I didn’t forget, I wasn’t going to My poor sister OK they’re in Will I let them touch my leg? Let’s see what happens Will she be surprised at all this vagina? Ugh I’m taking off this mask I can’t breathe Is that the rando we saw walking […]

in the still

Maybe I want you to come after me so that I don’t feel like I’m the only one here, talking to myself on a cold tin roof. Because I stopped believing in unconditional love a long time ago – I’m incapable of it, so I don’t expect it in return. I’m too impatient. Too sensitive. […]


When I people watch, I’m usually trying to decide if people are happy. No making up elaborate stories about their inheritances or sex lives, unless they have a super obvious pointer to either, but whether they have contentment. Whether the chubby mother running after her chubby baby really wanted said baby, or if in the […]

The first time

You never want to admit to a spark. Sometimes because it’s always scary to admit to feeling to anything that makes you vulnerable. But also because sometimes you shouldn’t be admitting it. You shouldn’t feel the way you feel…even if you haven’t fully described it. Or maybe that’s what everyone says. And everyone knows sparks […]

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