Food: Creative Kitchen

I’ve always loved the Creative Kitchen at Aero Club (Wilson Airport), from my early days as a budding food writer (pretension tastes so sweet). One of my first most delectable Valentines’ Day specials was done against this thrilling backdrop of planes taking off and landing in the background. And every time I go back, it […]


Food: Sierra

Sierra is my go to for a great steak, and they’re about to become my go to for a great burger as well. After months and months of waiting for their (really nice-looking) renovations, I was dying to come back and dying to try their new burger menu. Under normal circumstances, I already love their […]


Food: Sugarcane

As soon as I walked into Sugarcane, of course the song that came to mind was Shaggy’s she loves the taste of my suuuugaaarcane. Hehe. Sugarcane is the new Caribbean influenced food spot at Garden City Mall on Thika Road. They don’t have tea on the menu, but of course, being me, I still asked […]

Food: OhCha Noodle Bar

I keep saying I am going to write this post about OhCha Noodle Bar, but I really feel like the pictures speak better for it than I will. OhCha is located on the ground floor of Westgate Mall in Westlands, and are expanding into outside seating areas, having already started doing deliveries. They also have […]

Food: Urban Eatery

What do the words Urban Eatery and underwhelming have in common? According to my taste buds, they’re practically synonyms. I’ve been meaning to go to Urban Eatery for quite a while now and now it will be quite a while before I go back. When we walked in, it was noisy as hell which was […]

Food: The Thai Place

I went to The Thai Place for a comedy show last night and ordered a chicken stir fry which underwhelmed me, and so this review is going to be rather short (but aren’t the best ones? As much information packed into a paragraph as you possibly can, unless it is incredible, in which case waxing […]

A blueberry bounty!

I was at Art Caffe today because I love Art Caffe! cue dance My meager (yet grateful) budget allowed me a double mocha (slurp) which I needed because I’d slept for kedo 4 hours the night before. So I wanted a pastry too (I was really trying to not look at the salmon sandwich calling […]

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