She said: When you want something badly enough, you forget its flaws. In fact, the deceit of desire lies in its ability to make you think that nothing else matters and nothing else exists. By the time you open up your legs to be its whore, you’re not using protection. By the time he got […]

On my mind in the dark.

During the day, it’s fine. I can forget. I can push it to the back of my head, willingly or unwillingly. But at night…there’s something so beautiful about the night. It’s dark and melancholy and begs you to ask what you did with its sister. I sometimes have a good answer. I can go to […]

The thing about love is

The truth is, I’m scared to be someone else’s nightmare. I’ve featured in that dream before. The one where I walk into your sleep like The Sandman and crush, slowly, reassuringly, everything you ever knew to be true about how strong your heart is – it’s not. It’s fragile, and fickle, and illogical. Someone thinks […]

Confessions of a thief

I really like hotels. What’s there not to like? Someone picks up after you…makes your bed…feeds you at all times of the day…has a pool…also for being fed next to…locks you away from the rest of the world (sightseeing? WHY??) and much as we like to say absolute power corrupts, we want some of that […]


Office crushes are overrated. Especially if they are based on what dress you are wearing. That having been said, my dress today is short and Number 4 noticed. HAHA, that being said, we can call him Alex. (OMG She will be loved by Maroon 5 is playing in my ear. sigh My childhood) Alex hasn’t […]

Being an adult

I don’t think I am going to pay my rent next month. While it is easy to presume that not everyone can be stupid, it is careful to realize that underestimating people’s stupidity often causes blood pressure. Like my landlady. So, I move into this house, tres excited about moving on up from a studio, […]

Office…guess. Guess.

Do y’all watch Happy Endings? Not the porno. 😀 The series with the ever present gay dude who’s hilarious (and actually straight in real life) and Damon Wayans Jr., in all his hot glory. That one. So chick who is married to Damon Jr. has a Work Husband. And what are office polootics without a […]

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