Lies that Bind

Lies that Bind is the first soap opera I ever wrote. It was a bit harrowing – one season had a 120 episodes. But it came out pretty good in the end, and for the seasons I helped write, won Best Drama at the Kalashas for that year (2012).

Higher Learning

I wrote a few episodes of Higher Learning’s Season 3 and 4. It was pretty exciting – the first show I ever wrote fresh out of campus, and it had all these amazing actors in it. I enjoyed writing it immensely, under Spielworks Media.

TV lessons

I had my first TV interview yesterday night and let me tell you something: they never tell you anything before you go on air. Dude, first, my phone died and I was late and there was traffic so I couldn’t find parking so I panicked and parked way too far from the studio and then […]

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