Music: Live and Die in Afrika – Sauti Sol

Finally! The third album from Sauti Sol (and my review) is here. And it is not only beautiful because the album is beautiful and classically done – in one of my favourite themes, the royalty of African people – and not just because you can get the album in limited edition materials like wood – but also […]

Nothing like the first time

I remember the first time I met Jazz. It was in my Aunty Pat’s house. At Aunty Pat’s house, no one was allowed to touch anything, ever. Not even Aunty Pat’s husband. Aunty Pat had the type of fiery predictable temper that would light up at the slightest provocation. And it wasn’t because she was […]

Series: Empire (Season 1 Episode 6)

I was feeling a little hot after this episode aired! What! I need chips (as a cure for everything in life, of course. Fuck a diet, a dollar and a dream – Derek Luke is on Empire! *squeals*) So I know I’m late (HA!) but g2g was having issues and I only just saw the […]


So, because jobs are fun, I got to go check out MTV ALL STARS AFRICA…ninio. Y’all know what I’m talking about, don’t be fronting. It was pretty cool, though. Crowded as all hell, started late…but cool. They are trying to promote the district of Kwa Zulu Natal in SA as a tourist party spot, so […]

An evening in Nairobi.

Music is like the ultimate lover. For me,anyway,music takes me to a near orgasmic level,ever-shifting in its ability to make me feel…anything. It teases. It pleads. It loves. It laughs. It draws you in. It transcends emotion,and makes you feel like heaven must be,just,music. I haven’t had earphones for a while. I finally bought some […]

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