Is it bad to wait to die?

My sweet, My love, Dear heart, My heart – not mine. It doesn’t belong to me any more and I’m not sure if it could belong to you, seeing as you don’t want it. I find myself unable to jump off the building to stop the madness to end it all. My mind refuses to […]

Book: The Defining Decade

I just read The Defining Decade, whose tagline is ‘Why your twenties matter and how to make the most of them now’ by Meg Jay, PhD. I don’t normally do a lot of self now’s reading (read at all), but my sister-in-law recommended this one to me and I’m going to choose to believe that […]


The thing about forever is that you are not supposed to be able to change it. You’re not Jesus or anyone else who is rumoured to have that power. But when you promise someone forever, you are promising someone your future in spite of the change. That means whether or not they forget your anniversary […]


I tend to think that my main problem is, that I go through life startled shocked that having love and money at the same time is so difficult sure that God probably likes and agrees with my cuss words and waiting on someone to kill all the politicians.

TV lessons

I had my first TV interview yesterday night and let me tell you something: they never tell you anything before you go on air. Dude, first, my phone died and I was late and there was traffic so I couldn’t find parking so I panicked and parked way too far from the studio and then […]


it’s funny how money changes situationsmiscommunication leads to complications It’s funny how life changes too.My life is so different from what it was when I finished university. I thought it hadn’t changed much. In some cases (like in Wolverine’s case) I am glad it hasn’t changed too much. In others, I am extremely glad that […]


I have thought long, and deep and hard, and no, this is not the introduction to the explanation and or fabrication of a tawdry midnight affair between sweaty linen sheets, gripping hands and eager lips. This is no affectation of depth, no philosophical rambling of a soul self-designated to impress No. This is me, impressing […]

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