TV lessons

I had my first TV interview yesterday night and let me tell you something: they never tell you anything before you go on air.

Dude, first, my phone died and I was late and there was traffic so I couldn’t find parking so I panicked and parked way too far from the studio and then I panicked even more because no one was watching my car so I was freaking out because someone’s laptop was stolen from my car the week before…

So I was a little late (ie 10 minutes as opposed to Kenya late, ie an hour) and I was immediately mic’d and put on air. I was NOT ready. They had not ati told me what to wear, or…what they were going to ask…I didn’t have like a dressing room where I could throw a Mariah Carey level bitch fit…nothing, guys!

Anyway so I went on air and I thought it went well. I also thought I looked a smidge nervous but I thought I answered the questions ok and stuff…

Then when I came out…

I was informed that my sweat patches were also very present and answering questions during the interview.
Cue absolute and total mortification and a rabid rewatching of the clip over and over again to figure out how to photoshop that ish AWAY??
That’s one thing they don’t tell you. That the studio thinks it is a beach and must therefore provide beach-like temperatures (Kenya beach as opposed to everywhere else beach, ie SUPER BEACH) which will then cause you to sweat all over your grey tee and onto screens worldwide.

Whoop! Mummy, my armpits are famous!


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