it’s funny how money changes situations
miscommunication leads to complications

It’s funny how life changes too.
My life is so different from what it was when I finished university. I thought it hadn’t changed much. In some cases (like in Wolverine’s case) I am glad it hasn’t changed too much. In others, I am extremely glad that I am smarter than I thought I was.

I have ditched jobs I hated, or jobs I thought were ok, for jobs I loved. I have worked just for the money – things I never thought I would do (because, duh. All the movies say that is a terrible idea), which I am, surprisingly, still doing in some aspects of my career (job trajectory? Shit I do for rent? I don’t know). I have also ditched bosses I loved for the ability to sleep as much as my seemingly 40 year old body needs to. One is curious about what I will actually be doing at 40.

I have ditched belief systems I thought I had for ones I thought I was already living. I was reminded of this today, when after a (very important) meeting (that made me shower and get out of the house), I met a friend of mine.

Well, he is not a friend. We go to the same church. He used to be the bad boy that all the church mamas keep their innocent (not so innocent) children away from. He always hugged to close. Had the look in his eye. Had the thing in his walk like he was carrying something heavy that he wanted to share.

Now, he is the one trying to convince me of salvation.

I wonder if I was like that during my saved phase? I don’t remember. His life makes a good testimony towards what he so clearly believes in so much now – from what I can see, anyway.
I wonder when I changed so much?


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