I have thought

long, and deep and hard, and

no, this is not the introduction to the explanation

and or fabrication of a tawdry midnight affair between

sweaty linen sheets, gripping hands and eager lips.

This is no affectation of depth, no

philosophical rambling of a soul self-designated to impress

No. This is me, impressing upon you,

My simple thoughts. Simple though they may be, they are mine, and I hold them in high enough esteem to

Speak them loud, write them proud. This is the point at which I should throw a fist in the air, like I don’t care

Pour gesturical libation to the presence of my ancestors, again to impress,

But I digress.

Simple thoughts. I’m not sure life is simple for anyone, no matter how simple it looks.

But everyone always has the mentality that

‘Life is simpler for everyone but me.’

Or that

‘Life is simpler over there where the grass is green

Rather than this desert I dwell in.’

I don’t know. Will never know. And thus, useless – but simple – thought.

On days like today, I can’t help but think

That life would be much simpler if I could







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