Film: Tom Hardy in THIS MEANS WAR and WARRIOR

I do not know the other dude in this movie’s name. I do not really care.

I am reviewing these two movies because I find it appropriate to state that I had never watched a Tom Hardy movie before Warrior and this ka-one before Batman. So I felt the need to have something to compare to.

In this movie, his British accent sounds fake. Which is RIDICULOUS, because he’s British, right? It was a typical romcom. Silly plot. Especially when she is trying to pick who to be with. Based on THAT premise? Really? Yes, take females back to incapability to make decisions because we are dickmatized (long story, pot, kettle, blablabla). Silly end. Actually, no. It was a sillier end than most romcoms, which is saying a lot. Implausible, clearly and obviously manufactured because someone could not figure out wat to do. In fact, possibly the onle thing I liked about this movie was Chelsea Handler (who looked too old to be Reese Witherspoons’s best friend). She is the only reason it gets a 1 out of 5.


Ok, I didn’t like this movie either. HOLD THE ROCKS! How did Nick Nolte get an award for this? I thought it was badly written. Tom Hardy’s acting was SO GOOD, though. Totes believable. And I cried at the end, after sitting through it (which I could not believe I did, because I thought it was badly written. Did I already say that? And cheaply made. In fact, I thought it was made in like the 90s). So basically, it’s a guy movie with manliness and testosterone flying everywhere to cover the bad writing. Yeah. It gets…maybe a 2 and a half out of 5. But only because of TH. Adhawaizzz…


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