Big Little Lies poster - Akello

Series Review: Big Little Lies

If there is a series you should watch next if you haven’t already, it’s Big Little Lies. Basically Reese Witherspoon was tired of women always looking like they don’t have the solutions every time they ask what the solution should be (even though they know what it is, because, in her words, have you ever […]

Film: Hot Pursuit

What a waste of all my time. Hot Pursuit is a silly movie that clearly shows that Reese Witherspoon has almost no comedic acting chops (and she did used to – it’s quite sad, really) and Sofia Vergara is finally making really bad choices in her career. However, unlike Witherspoon, Vergara can still make a […]

Film: Tom Hardy in THIS MEANS WAR and WARRIOR

I do not know the other dude in this movie’s name. I do not really care. I am reviewing these two movies because I find it appropriate to state that I had never watched a Tom Hardy movie before Warrior and this ka-one before Batman. So I felt the need to have something to compare […]

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