Film: Locke

starring Tom Hardy, only, preeeetty muchrated R – lots of cussing So clearly this is going to be a week for oh LOOK. I have something to say and I need to say it immediately. Apparently. So I just finished watching Locke, which is about a chap, Ivan Locke (Hardy) who gets a phone call […]

Film: TDKR

I couldn’t find the poster I liked. But this one will definitely do. So Tom Hardy’s accent does not sound fake in this. In fact, I cannot place what it sounds. It was, like, Russian, with a tinge of Middle Easter clipped English slathered with British influences. I dunno what the hell was going on […]

Film: Tom Hardy in THIS MEANS WAR and WARRIOR

I do not know the other dude in this movie’s name. I do not really care. I am reviewing these two movies because I find it appropriate to state that I had never watched a Tom Hardy movie before Warrior and this ka-one before Batman. So I felt the need to have something to compare […]

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