Food: Urban Eatery

What do the words Urban Eatery and underwhelming have in common? According to my taste buds, they’re practically synonyms.

I’ve been meaning to go to Urban Eatery for quite a while now and now it will be quite a while before I go back. When we walked in, it was noisy as hell which was the first off-putting factor. Maybe I should come back when it’s quieter (a la Brew).

The menus came and I specifically picked the burger with the pickles on it. The food took ages – I was done with my Long Island Ice Tea by the time it finally arrived. My burger came and didn’t have pickles. (I even took a picture of the menu item to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating)

I don’t fuck about with pickles. I specifically picked that burger for them! So much so that when my buns came I checked to see if there were any in there. It took them 15 minutes to rectify the situation – during which we had summoned 3 different waiters and a hostess, 3 Happy birthdays had been sung by patrons and my companion had finished his diminutive steak. My fries were also pretty much done – I was trying to eat them slowly with the salad (also, UE has a weak salad game. But at least the salad is fresh). And, the pickles they gave me – pickle – was sliced into 3 mean pieces. 15 minutes!

I want to try other fun looking things on ┬átheir menu but to be honest I doubt I will. Unpalatable presentation, atrocious service – why go back?


(I’ll go back. Can’t judge on one time, right? But you guy my guy second time…)


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