Food: The Thai Place

I went to The Thai Place for a comedy show last night and ordered a chicken stir fry which underwhelmed me, and so this review is going to be rather short (but aren’t the best ones? As much information packed into a paragraph as you possibly can, unless it is incredible, in which case waxing lyrical is practically a requirement? Already, my aside is longer that what the food talk is going to be. Let’s see.).

The service was good – they were very attentive. Except for the tiny fact that they just threw the whole tea bag – string and all – in my tea. I was like lol. Fine. I’ll take it. Also, I wish places would have just one Buy Goods number instead of a Paybill. Like the place at the airport. Aaaaanyway. The parking is not ample so you may struggle with that. What you will really struggle with, however, are the small portions and lacklustre taste of the food. 600 bob? For vaguely Thai cuisine? No Thainks.

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