Food: Sierra

Sierra is my go to for a great steak, and they’re about to become my go to for a great burger as well. After months and months of waiting for their (really nice-looking) renovations, I was dying to come back and dying to try their new burger menu. Under normal circumstances, I already love their burger burger but now they had over 10 for me to choose from. Yaaaazzz hunty.

I had the Frenchie Burger. I’m a sucker for caramelized onions and cheesy goodness.


It was a really good burger! Good value for money (I think it was KES 1100), and the onion rings (it’s No Fries Friday) were super yum. Onion rings – when you want to feel healthy but still want everything slathered in fat. Pleased to say I wasn’t disappointed. Yazzzz, Sierra. Yaaazzz.

(the service though is a bit unwilling, innit?)

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