Food: Creative Kitchen

I’ve always loved the Creative Kitchen at Aero Club (Wilson Airport), from my early days as a budding food writer (pretension tastes so sweet). One of my first most delectable Valentines’ Day specials was done against this thrilling backdrop of planes taking off and landing in the background. And every time I go back, it just reaffirms my love. Especially with the old engines and Kenyan history hanging about in this quaint, simply done space.


Nairobi Restaurant Week was here last week and I was working on a non-existent budget. So when CK said that they have a KES 1000 bob option for a 2-course meal, I literally had started trying to figure out what essential I was going to do without to afford it (tissue. The essential was tissue.)

So I had the beer battered fish (is it strange that I am always trying to taste the beer and I never do? Thankfully, because I hate beer? So why do I keep ordering the beer batter fish, you ask? I know. I know), and the apple pie, with an orange juice.

The orange juice was a bit too sweet but I was ok with that. I enjoyed my fish. I enjoyed my date’s schnitzel as well, very much. The mash was good (we’re still on No Fries Feb, so I traded in my fries, YAY. Had forgotten that momentarily when I ordered. Thanks, Hillary)


Look, pics are hard in the dark. But the piece de resistance was the absolutely amazing apple pie that I am getting hungry just thinking about. SLURP. The perfectest crust and the warmest (LOL) apples. A dollop of vanilla ice cream. I’ll let the picture speak for itself.

It’s always nice to see a restaurant living up to my hype. Lol. The one in my head.

Currently accepting apple pie offers.


In advance.

(still Kenyan)

(look at that beaut)

(listen, it’s Valentines’ season. Demand your rights and your calories.)


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