Food: Sugarcane

As soon as I walked into Sugarcane, of course the song that came to mind was Shaggy’s she loves the taste of my suuuugaaarcane. Hehe.

Sugarcane is the new Caribbean influenced food spot at Garden City Mall on Thika Road. They don’t have tea on the menu, but of course, being me, I still asked for some. Score.

AkelloI’m super Kenyan, guys. Extra. With powerfoam.

Our lovely waitress Linda took our orders. I’m trying to do a health thing this year that isn’t going well at all – and next month is No Fries February (January was supposed to be No Jokes January but he my wallet had about a zillion jokes. In fact who needs a diet? January is a diet. A poverty diet). I tried to do the coconut water but coconut water is really not my life of my story. Coconut oil, yes and all the wins. Not the water.

They bring you little crisps in cute containers here. I took a picture when the bowls were empty. Because hunger.


Then, food time. The prices are reasonable. I spent a g total for tea and a meal.


You can get a main course with two side dishes (she doesn’t have to know). I had the oxtail with a side of rice and peas, and spinach.


Please believe me when I say that this oxtail was everything that is right in life? Everything. I was quiet for the 7 minutes it took me to finish it. I was that chick slurping, licking her fingers, trying to get that bone (ha) like I’m sitting at my grandmother’s in shags. Guys??

The side course plantain was also very good. I wasn’t impressed by the roti, though. They give you ONE chapo. A small one. Ala. In fact, all the portioning for me was a problem. Too little. To the point that we went somewhere else to have an entire meal after. Yup. But we told dear Linda and the establishment’s proprietor about our hunger woes.

So yay for the Bob Marley poster and hammock pictures on the inside, and super cute chairs and decor, but boo for portioning.

Guys, that oxtail. It’s been years since I’ve had tail (ha!) that good. That good good. (ha! Ha! Ok I’ve stopped)

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  1. Last time I was at that mall, they hadn’t opened yet. They’re participating in NRW so I’m going there over the weekend for jerk chicken coz what the hell is this jerk food?

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