Film: The Best Man Holiday

If you haven’t already watched it. The Best Man Holiday is a sequel (surprise!) to the movie The Best Man, which came out in 1999. Still featuring the same old (gorgeous) cast, this movie takes us forward 15 years (literally) to when Harper’s next book needs to come out, pasts of stripper wives are revealed […]

Left Behind

She said:I was standing outside the door, hoping whoever was taking so long in the bathroom wasn’t busily leaving skid marks for my viewing pleasure on the sides of the pristine toilet bowl. She came in, all lipstick and leg, French braid done up tight enough to make you think about what you could loosen. […]

Message Truncated

She said: When he said this weekend after church, my heart sunk. I’m not the type of girl who will wear a thong to please anyone else looking at my butt other than me. I though Peter was that type of guy too – only brushes teeth when absolutely necessary (meeting in the boardroom level […]

Book: Brainstorm

A blog called Brainstorm was nominated for, and won, Best Political Blog at BAKE last year (or was it the year before? They should win every year). With good reason. In addition to their prolific commentary on Kenya’s consistently charged sociopolitical scene, they publish and distribute – for FREE! – every quarter (that’s three months, […]

On weird come ons

I had just delivered a book to a pretty lady and I was driving out of the parking lot. The guard came to swipe his card to let me out and decided to make conversation. ‘So you are leaving now…thank you for visiting us.’‘Uh…welcome.’‘Will you come back?’‘Uh…if you give a reason, I guess.’ (in bad […]

Hitting people

You shouldn’t hit people. It’s a general rule. You are supposed to play nice and not stab them when you want to, because, thank God, the law states that assault is a crime and where you can potentially go (in Kenya, anyway) is a lot worse than the place you were in when you were […]

The weatherman

She said:You’re not supposed to break up with people on a sunny day. There’s a cardinal law about it, you know. If you must break up with someone, it should be raining, or at least look like it’s going to. You know the type of sky – cloudy. Slate-grey, like you can sketch a chalk […]

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