The Breakup: Goodbye, RHOA

Sometimes, a TV show is like a drug, and you don’t realize how bad you look when you are wiping off your little white friend from the side of your whatever until you watch Scarface and realize that that is probably you. You see this is the thing – I LOVE reality TV. I always […]

On my mind in the dark.

During the day, it’s fine. I can forget. I can push it to the back of my head, willingly or unwillingly. But at night…there’s something so beautiful about the night. It’s dark and melancholy and begs you to ask what you did with its sister. I sometimes have a good answer. I can go to […]

Tea Break

She said: Sometimes I give myself orgasms as presents. And afterwards, I give myself another present for having such excellent gift giving skills. Then, while my legs are shaking as I pull down my skirt in the stall of the bathroom at work, I say a little prayer of gratitude to my absolutely wonderful clitoris […]

Here’s what I don’t like about porn.

I got my first porno DVD way after high school. Which isn’t completely surprising, because I am female. I think (ok I know there are a few girls who start earlier. In a random jav that decided it was after hours enough to give the customers a little more than what they paid for. In […]

Series: Empire (Season 1 Episode 6)

I was feeling a little hot after this episode aired! What! I need chips (as a cure for everything in life, of course. Fuck a diet, a dollar and a dream – Derek Luke is on Empire! *squeals*) So I know I’m late (HA!) but g2g was having issues and I only just saw the […]

Film: The Rewrite

Hugh Grant is in a movie and I watched it and I liked it. 🙂 That is basically the summary of this review but just in case you are not grasping the true significance of the statement – Hugh Grant is in a movie. 🙂 I think I have watched pretty much everything Mr Grant […]

The thing about love is

The truth is, I’m scared to be someone else’s nightmare. I’ve featured in that dream before. The one where I walk into your sleep like The Sandman and crush, slowly, reassuringly, everything you ever knew to be true about how strong your heart is – it’s not. It’s fragile, and fickle, and illogical. Someone thinks […]

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