Film: The Best Man Holiday

If you haven’t already watched it.

The Best Man Holiday is a sequel (surprise!) to the movie The Best Man, which came out in 1999. Still featuring the same old (gorgeous) cast, this movie takes us forward 15 years (literally) to when Harper’s next book needs to come out, pasts of stripper wives are revealed and even deeper secrets are yet to be unveiled.

The movie was shiny. When I say shiny I mean they did a good job of pulling off the desired affluence of typical middle-aged Black Americans. It took some time to get going. I suppose putting in the context for everyone who was a baby when the movie was being made was essential for the first hour, but it did finally get going…and when it did, it was the usual black movie brouhaha. Not in a bad way, but black movies do have a tendency to read from the same script.

So, first things first (I’m the realest) – again, people need to just let old movies lie. Like, come on. The Jurassic World trailer looks good, but…come ON, Hollywood. Is this it? Are we in the era of no new stories?

Second, some essential character flaws shouldn’t have been so glaring. One wonders how the second movie happened considering what happened in the first one. I can’t say much more here without spoiling the movie for you, so on to point number 3…

The black movie brouhaha. At least they didn’t go the typical Tyler Perry route (HOW is he making SO MUCH MONEY?) but they didn’t stray too far from his script. And has anyone noticed how untruthful these movies are? Can we have at least one unattractive person in the cast, for Pete’s sake? They even got Cody from Sunset Beach (who is CLEARLY a vampire who never ages, and must be rolling with Pharrell if not for whatever youth elixir they are obviously imbibing copiously. With Nia Long.) to get in on the mouthwatering men madness. I suppose one could argue that Harold Perrineau isn’t Taye Diggs, but he isn’t Flavour Flav either. You know?

I give this movie a 3/5. It’s a sequel, which chacks points especially when it isn’t better than the original (otherwise why make it? Actually, don’t answer that), it was a little too shiny and perfectly packaged *coughcommercialcough* , a little too repetitive, but at least the eye candy kind of (and by kind of I mean not really) distracts you from the standard plot line of love and togetherness at Christmas. *rolls eyes* Just call me the Grinch.


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