Film: The Rewrite

Hugh Grant is in a movie and I watched it and I liked it.


That is basically the summary of this review but just in case you are not grasping the true significance of the statement – Hugh Grant is in a movie. 🙂

I think I have watched pretty much everything Mr Grant has ever done (I’m lying – just the huge commercial successes, drolling as I did so). I have tracked his illustrious career from the age of five, when I watched The Lady and the Highwayman – also the name of one of my favourite poems ever – and apparently in no way related – right down to this movie, and my conclusion is that he is getting old, but beautifully. (Hugh Grant is in a movie!) I feel like it has been a while since I’ve seen him on the silver screen.

This movie is about a scriptwriter who wrote a fantastic movie that won lots of awards and then his creative well ran dry. He s almost washed up, pitching really stupid ideas to studio heads who worshiped him before but won’t touch him with a ten foot pole now. And so he is getting broker and broker. So his loud agent finds him a job at a university as a visiting lecturer. He has absilutely no intention to actually teach, but finds himself pulled into discovering what he started writing for, mending his relationship, his writing and himself.


It’s a slightly cliche story but he executes the whole Brit professor thing beautifully. His script is snappy and amusing, and quirky, and (Hugh Grant is in a movie!) Marisa Tomei adds a mature performance to the movie that is unlike what I have seen of her as well lately (what HAS she done lately?) I like it. Go watch it for feel good funny things. I give it a 6 and a half.


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