Office crushes are overrated.

Especially if they are based on what dress you are wearing.

That having been said, my dress today is short and Number 4 noticed.

HAHA, that being said, we can call him Alex.

(OMG She will be loved by Maroon 5 is playing in my ear. sigh My childhood)

Alex hasn’t spoken to me in a while…until The Dress. I think that maybe, perhaps it’s because I told him about Wolverine and the fact that whatever we’re doing (suggestive whatsapping, etc) is going pretty much nowhere.

I mean, why would you wanna stop talking to me after that winning speech?

Anyhue, as we have gathered, men have no decency, especially none in the direction that indicates they should become LESS cute after you shut certain doors, but NO.

CLEARLY too much to ask.

He’s really cute, guys.

ANYhue, the dress. I looked exactly the same last week, but some guy in the elevator stopped me to get my card. Um…hahaha, I hope this dude doesn’t think I look like this everyday. I mean, I spend effort on things like blogging…not hemlines. Then he texted me like 2 second later (which is focused, creepy and kinda cute at the same damn time) and said, ‘Wea at’

Np punctuation and like 16 words missing.
30 letters.

2 words from me:


now playing Wild One. You know, when the old FLo Rida we knew and loved – I use that word loosely – died a painful, techno-soundtracked death

Should I text him to lose my number?
Why did I give him my number?
I need to learn how to say no.
When men are asking for…um…cards.
I realize that men are visual creatures, but come on.
Maybe I should tell Alex I don’t wear underwear tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “Office…

  1. 16 words missing!!!! :-D!! How right you are.. There must not have been any blood flowing in the direction of content generation,and by extension punctuation.. 😀

  2. Also… Try non-committal shrugs,and not using any actual words -huh? Mhm.. Hmm?.. It seems to confuse them.. But.. Caveat emptor.. They might also think you're retarded,so.. Yarrr..

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