Film: Locke

starring Tom Hardy, only, preeeetty much
rated R – lots of cussing

So clearly this is going to be a week for oh LOOK. I have something to say and I need to say it immediately. Apparently.

So I just finished watching Locke, which is about a chap, Ivan Locke (Hardy) who gets a phone call at the beginning of the movie that completely changes his life as he knows it. He proceeds to make a few important decisions after that call, which kinda sorta f*s up (in the spirit of the rating, of course) the rest of his life, and he spends the rest of the movie dealing with that.

This was an ok movie. I’m a hopeless romantic so of the movies I’ve watched today, ha, I liked What If better. But, Tom Hardy carries it off very well, in true I Am Legend fashion – he is the only person in THE WHOLE MOVIE. Be prepared for that. It’s a Tom Hardy groupie’s wet dream. You know you’re a star though when you can carry off an entire movie by yourself, with no supporting cast. I mean, can you imagine him just memorizing a script that he is going to say for an hour and a half? No prompts…no scene breaks (they filmed the whole thing at once, no pauses except to switch the memory card…like…production crews, I guess). He’s already won some award for it, which is telling, and the movie has also already made double and a half of what it cost to produce it.

So you won’t fall asleep. It is quite a good movie. I don’t know about all that nail biting sijui thriller stuff in the poster above, but it is worth a watch. And I’ve always liked Master Hardy. He is, genuinely, a good actor, in spite of that terrible, terrible blemish on his otherwise sterling career. I’m talking about what they did to Batman (not Warrior which he was one of the only good things about or This Means War. *rolls eyes*). Yup. I’m never going to forget.
He brings out the crazy in his interestingly conflicted and ever-so-slightly mad man well. Bane, is that you?


p.s. For your viewing pleasure – I can’t wait to watch this. I love Benedict Cumberbatch and he is everything I want in a personal I-do-impressive-impressions toy.

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