Film: Batman – Bad Blood

Movie 2 of the year: Batman – Bad Blood. I’m failing. I feel like I am watching movies really slowly. Anyhue. I liked the first* one better, is the summary. For a couple of reasons – I am REALLY bored of uninventive superhero names. Because you wear the bat, you have to have bat in […]

Film: Spectre

Spectre wasn’t Skyfall, but it wasn’t awful. #24 in the franchise isĀ about Bond’s past comes back to haunt him and he goes on a journey to track down a ghost. There are explosions, and there are cars, and there are women. Classic Bond (I think they’re done with that Heineken sponsorship dealĀ – didn’t see a […]

Film: TDKR

I couldn’t find the poster I liked. But this one will definitely do. So Tom Hardy’s accent does not sound fake in this. In fact, I cannot place what it sounds. It was, like, Russian, with a tinge of Middle Easter clipped English slathered with British influences. I dunno what the hell was going on […]

Big Brother Stargame

I think the time has come that I can safely confess… I tried out for Big Brother. (if you couldn’t see that coming from the title, then you know…you need help…lol nah just taking the mickey) You see, I figured, my oodles of charm, sparkling personality, electrifying wit would…you know…electrify the judges into letting me […]

Maybe someone should become Batman.

1 in every 3 men in South Africa has admitted to having raped a woman. One. In every THREE. So how about the ones who didn’t admit it? I don’t understand a society where rape is common. I don’t want to live there either. I have a preoccupation with the safety of my money-maker. In […]

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