Film: Batman – Bad Blood

Movie 2 of the year: Batman – Bad Blood. I’m failing. I feel like I am watching movies really slowly.


I liked the first* one better, is the summary. For a couple of reasons – I am REALLY bored of uninventive superhero names. Because you wear the bat, you have to have bat in your name? Bat…woman? Bat…girl? Ah. Guys. I am over it. At this point even Robin sounds more creative. Yawn.

Some characters were pretty one-dimensional and underdeveloped, which happens a lot in tales like this – for example, Onyx, who served one major purpose with no particularly direct connection to it.

It wasn’t as inspiring as the last one. I didn’t get emotionally attached to the story, and if the Bat gets me anything, it’s emotional (in a dark, save the city type way, of course).

Gah. I feel like that’s the end of my review.


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*second? I didn’t watch Son of Batman…

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