Film: Spectre

Spectre wasn’t Skyfall, but it wasn’t awful.

#24 in the franchise is about Bond’s past comes back to haunt him and he goes on a journey to track down a ghost. There are explosions, and there are cars, and there are women. Classic Bond (I think they’re done with that Heineken sponsorship deal – didn’t see a single one).

This movie was long. It lulled in the middle and I thought I was going to fall asleep. The car chases were great, as was the action – I have a great appreciation for Bautista, after watching (and liking) him and Guardians of the Galaxy (he was actually one of the only things I liked), and now in Spectre.

I love Christoph Waltz but they definitely underutilized his villainy. I mean…have you seen this dude? He’s freaking Christoph Waltz!

The romance was unbelievable to me and disingenuous. Too hurried. Too undermotivated. Too…something. As was the sex. Lea Seydoux was great – I kept seeing flashes of Blue is the Warmest Colour during the boring bits – and she has great legs too, lol. To be fair, is any James Bond romance believable? I need to go on a marathon to remember.

But mostly, I liked seeing the cars and Daniel Craig in elegant Tom Ford, wipes drool. Also, I disagreed with 2 major decisions Bond made that just seemed incredibly stupid to me – because he repeated them. So…no. That plot point for me, among other minor ones, FAILED.

It gets a 6 and a half from me. I feel pained writing that, but it is what it is. Daniel Craig is still one of my favourite Bonds, and I’ll be sad to see him go. To be fair though, can you really have a favourite Bond? How can you not like them all? Is it like Batman, where even though George Clooney’s face was way too pretty to be a vanguard we forgave him, because, Batman? I mean, George Lazenby was an idiot to turn down the opportunity, but really…who is there to hate?

I’m ready for Idris, though, I’ll tell you that…

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5 thoughts on “Film: Spectre

  1. Thank you for this. Now I know what I won’t be spending anything on any time soon.
    Yes! Christoph Waltz from Inglourious Basterds was a great villain!
    James Bond(s?), unlike Batman(s?) (Batmen?) are portrayed pretty much the same way. While it may be near impossible to compare Daniel Craig to Sean Connery’s Bond(s?), it’s easy to compare Adam West and Christian Bale’s Batman(s?) (Batmen?). Aaaaaaaaand George Clooney is the worst Batman. Period.

    1. Do you want an Idris though? I wanna know.
      The WORST? I mean…WORST?
      Ok the thing is he had some pretty tough competition. So is he like THE WORST or like the LEAST IMPRESSIVE among some pretty cool ones?

      1. I think Idris as Bond would work, so yes, although I suspect my reasons for this differ from yours.
        He is the worst. In nearly every medium Batman has appeared on – comic books, animated, video games, movies, all that.
        Bat-credit card? Bat-ice skates? Bat-nipples? I can’t go on. Batman & Robin was too ridiculous.

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