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So I have a friend who was in a relationship with a guy for 7 years,and intercourse was not the general course of their relationship. In other words,they never had sex. Various reasons other than her virginity,but the point is,they didn’t.

I,too,have had relationships in which sex didn’t occur – clearly. Granted,they were not 7 years long,but in today’s world,longer than 2 months with no booty is apparently an achievement.

How did these men survive? Unfeeling ***** of steel? Obviously,I don’t know if the guys I was with lasted that long without fooling around on the side. But 7 year friend,let’s call her Lakeisha (because it’s my blog,and I can make you stereotypical ghetto if I want to) told me that he did cheat.

There’s a conversation I keep having about whether being in a relationship with a previously sexually active boy is logical for a virgin (and vice versa). How long could that possibly last? Is it really that serious that guys/girls just really can’t live without? Did Maslow’s Hierarchy of basic human needs lie about the whole you-won’t-die-without-sex thing? Does that mean I am officially…a zombie?



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  1. Haha..

    When I was a virgin I was in a relationship for 5 yrs and we didn't have sex.. But I guess him being a virgin too made a difference.. Right now I've been celibate for about 2 yrs and trust me it's a lot easier staying a virgin than staying celibate cos now I know exactly what I'm staying away from and temptation becomes tensfold..

    Relationship wise, I've decided not to do any casual dating because like you said these days even staying 2 months without booty is unheard for… And I don't feel it's fair to obligate someone to abstain just cos I am and I would rather not be cheated on.. So until I meet a guy who's looking for long term, guess I'll stay single..

  2. That is a strong stand! I've never thought about the whole it not being fair to ask someone to abstain because I am…seeing as you can't really compromise on having sex or not…you can't have half-sex and stop or something…hm. Something to think about. I would obviously rather not be cheated on. But what if you tell the dude from the get-go that nothing is going to happen?…isn't it his choice then to abstain?

  3. He, he. Only a virgin can't say 'penis'. I'm not hating, it's cute.

    Anyhu, what exactly do you mean by 'No sex'? Was there/is there a lot of touching, groping and other sexual-but-lacking-penetration kinda things? Cos people tend to cop out of the entire virginity experience by experimenting.

  4. Religion, etc taught me virginity = purity; experimentation takes away the purity angle of things; thus without purity, can a virgin truly be a virgin or am I getting my -ities mixed up, chastity vs virginity

    Ari warr???? @ Tamaku. Wah!

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