Corona Sex

…or lack thereof. I’m fondly thinking of a time when sex was at my disposal and I could chat up one of my regulars for a week or so before getting regular cooch. Now? That chatup may have to be 6 months, the way the Kenyan government is handling this thing, and we all know […]



Even if I wanted sex in the afternoon, I know it wouldn’t happen. You’re always busy, doing god knows what at your desk, typing at people who aren’t me, regardless of the fact that it is supposedly me that you’re with. I can just imagine the conversation. ‘Baby.’ Then there will be no reply, of […]

Volume 2

He took me to JavaWe had cake.I wondered if the fact that neither of us could finish our slices was indicative of a relationshipdwindlingthat we now had to take away.The waitress eyed us, egging us on to LEAVE ALREADY BECAUSE I HAVEN’T HAD SEX IN 4 WEEKS DAMNIT AND MICHAEL IS COMING OVERShe took the […]

Like a virgin 3

So I have a friend who was in a relationship with a guy for 7 years,and intercourse was not the general course of their relationship. In other words,they never had sex. Various reasons other than her virginity,but the point is,they didn’t. I,too,have had relationships in which sex didn’t occur – clearly. Granted,they were not 7 […]

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