It won’t be the same

It won’t be the same.

It will probably never be.

Your heart will still beat for him, but to a different beat.

A comforting one.

Too comfortable.


When he looks at you, he won’t see perfection.

He’ll see the role you fit into now, for him, and it’ll break you a little, every time.

What’s left, anyway.


When you see him, nothing will leap.

Your soul will smile at him, slowly, recognizing, still joint, yet separate.

Sometimes you will feel that deep loneliness that comes from years of being together.

You will wonder if this was how it was supposed to be.

If this was your plan.

The Big Dream.

The path that everyone wants to walk down; between the ornate aisles of a hushed church.


Love only grows.

Flaws only grow.

Then they mesh and become the fabric that holds the pieces of you together.

You miss you.

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