Film: Deadpool

Deadpool is a perfect movie. Hands down, the best one I have seen this year, in terms of perfect entertainment and a blisteringly perfect script. The humour just keeps coming and doesn’t ever stop from beginning to end. The script and comedy are flawless. Ryan Reynolds is sketch gold. The supporting cast are mostly fantastic […]

I only regret

I only regret giving you too much. You saw my glory. I let you touch it. I let you taste it. I let you be changed by it, and then it was too late, because I was changed by you. I shouldn’t have let you feel even a little of my perfection. But I did. […]

It won’t be the same

It won’t be the same. It will probably never be. Your heart will still beat for him, but to a different beat. A comforting one. Too comfortable.   When he looks at you, he won’t see perfection. He’ll see the role you fit into now, for him, and it’ll break you a little, every time. […]

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