Even if I wanted sex in the afternoon, I know it wouldn’t happen. You’re always busy, doing god knows what at your desk, typing at people who aren’t me, regardless of the fact that it is supposedly me that you’re with. I can just imagine the conversation. ‘Baby.’ Then there will be no reply, of […]

Food: OhCha Noodle Bar

I keep saying I am going to write this post about OhCha Noodle Bar, but I really feel like the pictures speak better for it than I will. OhCha is located on the ground floor of Westgate Mall in Westlands, and are expanding into outside seating areas, having already started doing deliveries. They also have […]

Food: The Thai Place

I went to The Thai Place for a comedy show last night and ordered a chicken stir fry which underwhelmed me, and so this review is going to be rather short (but aren’t the best ones? As much information packed into a paragraph as you possibly can, unless it is incredible, in which case waxing […]

It won’t be the same

It won’t be the same. It will probably never be. Your heart will still beat for him, but to a different beat. A comforting one. Too comfortable.   When he looks at you, he won’t see perfection. He’ll see the role you fit into now, for him, and it’ll break you a little, every time. […]


The first thing most people think when they hear ‘Kenya’ is the classic brilliant sunsets silhouetted by the figures of colorful Maasai warriors and elephants on a savannah. And of course, loud, ‘African-sounding’ drums. There are always drums. I’ve never seen an elephant. And of course I can’t run particularly fast, not since I was […]

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