Choose Me.

Don’t fall for him, please.  I know he’s better looking and  Drives a fast car.  But stay with me and my flaws.  He won’t give you all of him like I can.  He won’t show you the cracks of his surface Like I have.  You won’t know him the way you intimately know me.  But […]

It won’t be the same

It won’t be the same. It will probably never be. Your heart will still beat for him, but to a different beat. A comforting one. Too comfortable.   When he looks at you, he won’t see perfection. He’ll see the role you fit into now, for him, and it’ll break you a little, every time. […]


Something happened to me in September, and I think that something broke something else inside me. And it wasn’t the breakup.I mean, the breakup was difficult. As they all are. And it was heart wrenching. And in all honesty, I’m probably not dealing with it very well – the full passive aggressive ostrich head in […]

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