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Series: Vixen

CW has a new series on their online streaming platform, CW Seed, called Vixen. She hails from the DC Comics stable.

It’s a black chick who inherits a necklace from her parents in the (lost?) kingdom of Zamunda (YAWN. WE GET IT. AFRICA IS EITHER A COUNTRY OR A PLACE FROM COMING TO AMERICA) which gives her powers to take on any animal alive. Featuring Flash and Green Arrow chasing her across the city and villains at the same time, shot in short 5 minute clips. There are (5?) out so far.

There are things already boring me about it – that Zamunda nonsense, for one. Then the fact that (though this is more a general superhero action commentary than anything) the majority of superheroes don’t have parents. Is there no hope for the people from one or two parent homes? Lol.

And then, the cheesy, tiring dialogue, about missing mothers and hot superhero chicks. But by episode 4, the dialogue gets better. Hopefully they will continue in the same vein. I give it a 5, with room for negotiation after the first season.

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