Film: Deadpool

Deadpool is a perfect movie. Hands down, the best one I have seen this year, in terms of perfect entertainment and a blisteringly perfect script. The humour just keeps coming and doesn’t ever stop from beginning to end. The script and comedy are flawless. Ryan Reynolds is sketch gold. The supporting cast are mostly fantastic […]

Food: The Thai Place

I went to The Thai Place for a comedy show last night and ordered a chicken stir fry which underwhelmed me, and so this review is going to be rather short (but aren’t the best ones? As much information packed into a paragraph as you possibly can, unless it is incredible, in which case waxing […]

Film: Trainwreck

I think Trainwreck was a train wreck. And this isn’t just because they touted it as a movie from the guy who brought you Bridesmaids (which, surprise! I didn’t like either) but also because I thought it was so comedically flat. It’s like they told Amy, hey! Write a movie! And she was like, I’m […]

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