Film: Supergirl

Oh come ON.

So DC ‘leaked’ the pilot episode of the Supergirl series, moments after releasing the trailer for it, as a mistake of course.

The trailer is basically the episode in two ways – one, the entire plot of everything is revealed, and two, the entire show is nonsense.

I am disappointed, severely. Though I have come not to expect a lot from comic-to-tv show adaptations, this one cut me a little to the core because I felt like they didn’t really make an effort to do more with the story than they could have. Much like Arrow, which was weak and only get better in like season 3 – and Agents of Shield, which I abhor. Gotham and Daredevil – mostly Daredevil – are a shining light in a blind – see what I did there? – industry.

I like the actress, Melissa Benoist – I enjoy her portrayals of basically the same female every time (in the series Glee and award-winning movie Whiplash). But…

It’s already bad enough that her name is just derived from her male counterpart and she wears the exact same (American flag) colours (lest you forget). But on top of that – the entire pilot episode was crowded af. Why were they telling us absolutely everything at the beginning? And why are they treating Superman’s name like Voldemort – lol but that must be rights? Maybe? I don’t know.

The characters are far too convenient. Though this is a problem in most comic books (much like the ridiculousness of the fact that the public ONLY doesn’t recognize them because of their super complicated disguises. You know – the glasses.), but there is already a job at a media conglomerate, an easy disguise, a willing significant other, a difficult boss, a helpful sibling, a guiding hand – other than the sibling, all of it sounds exactly like – you guessed it – Superman. Come ON.

The acting was a bit weak – as were the over the top effects. The story was too duplicated – and thus weak. The pilot was crowded, like a desperate move to get people to watch it – and hence weak. There aren’t that many commercially viable female superheroes – I’m already pissed at the casting for Wonder Woman – so I am even further saddened that they are going to screw this one up to – with all the money they had at their disposal! (if they didn’t have enough to do it right, then they shouldn’t have done it. Period.) I”ll be thoroughly surprised – and jaded – if it isn’t cancelled, like, in episode 4. Another one bites the dust.

Come ON!!

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  1. Arrow started off so well. Season 3 was just a blatant rip off of Batman. And how you gonn a put daredevil and Gotham in the same category. Gotham is such terrible rubbish!

    1. To be fair I didn’t give either of them a fair chance. But si we have agreed that Supergirl is rubbish? Lol. And I really do like Season 3 of Arrow better. Even though I still can’t get through an episode.

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