in the still

Maybe I want you to come after me so that I don’t feel like I’m the only one here, talking to myself on a cold tin roof.
Because I stopped believing in unconditional love a long time ago – I’m incapable of it, so I don’t expect it in return. I’m too impatient. Too sensitive. Too ready to hold a grudge passive aggressively until two minutes weeks years later I throw it in your face hoping to make you hurt like I am. Then watch it burn as we tear each other to pieces and leave bloody, pulping masses of emotion where love used to be -jaded and hollow.
I do, however, believe in change and changing for someone. How else can a relationship work, between two people whose minds and formulas for life are so vastly different, simply because they are not the same person?
That’s what they mean when they say become one – in purpose. For a bigger picture. To be going the same direction together. Not that I suddenly like cheesy romcoms, or you develop a taste for the Righteous Brothers. Just that once in a while, we will listen to some Soul and Inspiration.
Once in a while, you’ll come after me.

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