Film: The Age Of Adaline

For me, Blake Lively is the Keira Knightley of our generation. Not particularly gifted acting until older age comes upon her, but at least a pretty face.

Sound harsh? Maybe. I never paid attention to Miss Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean. Everyone – including the barely talented Orlando Bloom (nonetheless, I love him as Legolas) – for me, overshadowed her. The first movie I have ever appreciated her in was The Imitation Game, last year.

I am yet to see a Blake Lively movie I appreciate. Don’t get me wrong – I loved Gossip Girl and I adore her face. But she is just not cutting it yet.

The Age of Adaline is about a lady who, due to some as yet undiscovered DNA pattern, does not age. It tells a story of how she goes through life, the people who chase her, the daughter who has to have a life without her and the men who love her. Eventually, she gets tired of running.

It isn’t a bad story. It’s almost like Benjamin Button with a female lead – but not as good a female lead. The acting, for me, is unconvinving – except for the wonderful Harrison Ford, who must be getting back into the acting groove for Star Wars – this must have been just practice. The whole movie was meh for me because of what they were trying to make me believe – not that your DNA can make you not age, but in how Adaline dealt with it, and the manner in which the secret was revealed. Also, that love story? Maybe I’m jaded, but…nope.

I’d give it like a 6 and a half out of 10. It was an ok movie – but don’t go to the cinema to see it.

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