Poster Justice League - Akello

Movie Review: Justice League

The reviews are terrible, but this one isn’t – Justice League really hit the spot for me. And boy, have the reviews been bad. I mean, there are actually people out there who like Thor: Ragnarok more than this. I tend to think that I am speaking objectively as a Batman fan as opposed to […]


Movie Review: Wonder Woman

The older I get (I said frailly, balancing on my cane), the less inclined I am to go see a movie with a bunch of other loud, noisy young’uns people. Because part of what ruined Wonder Woman for me (one of the only things, actually) was people talking through it and after it, about it. […]

Film: Supergirl

Oh come ON. So DC ‘leaked’ the pilot episode of the Supergirl series, moments after releasing the trailer for it, as a mistake of course. The trailer is basically the episode in two ways – one, the entire plot of everything is revealed, and two, the entire show is nonsense. I am disappointed, severely. Though […]

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