Sign saying Hot Stone Massage, Opem Daily from 10 am to 10 pm

thoughts at the hot stone massage

Oh my

I forgot to wear underwear

I didn’t forget, I wasn’t going to

My poor sister

OK they’re in

Will I let them touch my leg?

Let’s see what happens

Will she be surprised at all this vagina?

Ugh I’m taking off this mask

I can’t breathe

Is that the rando we saw walking in hoping for a happy ending?

He looked normal but you never know

Ok ok massaaaaaage

Aya tuende




Ok butt crease

Are they used to African butts?

Na kuna mob


Oooh that’s nice





Should I say it’s painful

Ama inaisha

Ama – oh ok sawa

OK she’s at my tendon

But there’s an anklet, she can’t ati do a lot

Ok sawa, she can tell

Does she have kids?

Does she teach them her craft? What’s her story?

Vietnamese or Korean?

Feels Korean.

‘Yeah, that’s fine’

Does she tell them she has to press people’s bums for them to eat so they better stop giving her lip

You gotta have mad muscles for this job, si ndio?

Is she seeing my ka-arm strength? I tore my tendon not my tricep

does she give massages to her friends for birthday gifts? Save the environment, buy less, experience more

Achana na shingo pls pls 😭😭

Ooooh down the back above the crack

Ok time to focus on shoulders and oooooooh

Aaaaaah. Ok. Not bad. Si I said medium strength?

She’s probably so used to bodies like mine. Also I’m in my head, she probably is debating what to have for lunch and if she switched off the oven

Ok, footsies time.

Ayaya this babe will fo sho try to discreetly ask if I want a Brazilian.

Calm down, it was the furries who used to get the whole husband check back in the day.

How can I quit jobs so I can do this all the time

Do I want to do this all the time or do I just not want to work

I just don’t want to work

Or do the deadline that I have

I want to be as free as possible

Like my arm that’s being pulled to the extreme right right now

Are they done?


Oooooh, nice. Hot. Coz outside is fucking cold bana.


OK back to the leg.

Oh they take the stone to now do all over? Nice.

Ok quad stretch!

Wait we turn over?

He, big Mufasa surprise.

Ok hip rotation! Ah hizi naweza fanya kwa digoloz.

We should tip after, right?

Why don’t the ceilings reach the top? What if I’m a massage moaner?

Ok how did they finish for both of us at exactly the same time?!!

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