My first Day at Work.

So, today, I woke up earlier than I have ever woken up…since high school, anyway. Ok, since my 9 a.m. uni classes. My body was in disbelief and refused to get into the shower until I coaxed it with the showerhead…PSYCHE. (too early for such. Give me like an hour. :D)

The shower done, I sluggishly put on clothing befitting of my awesome job…i.e. sandals and a waistcoat that looked like I was trying to be trendy, and my favorite leather jacket. Don’t ask. I had breakfast (nyoyo, matoke and tea. MMM.) and deliberately stopped myself from getting to work 20 minutes early. Despite my inherent laziness, I was surprisingly punctual. This possibly has more to do with the stars aligning with the geographical location that my parents chose to live in than any industry on my part.

I walked into the office and we were moving desks. Then we sat down and got to…well…work. It wasn’t rocket science, as it wasn’t NASA, so I was excited about that. Then I got to watch a script I’d written in action. Then the Boss came in with heartily and unashamedly unhealthy chocolate cake. When she walked in I thought, wow, for day 1? Damn they do it big…but turns out I was being narcissistic, it was 2 colleagues’ (I can say that now :D) birthdays. I pigged out, because no one else wanted as much chocolate and so kept giving me theirs. I think that’s what gave me a headache. And in addition, lots of chocolate makes me flatulent. Hm. BossLady gave me Hedex. I kept working. Then, oh joy, lunchtime!

I walked down to a quaint little cafe at the end of the road. A friendly waiter gave me a menu and cracked a joke. I was getting a very good feeling about this work thing (especially considering I’d just met an old schoolmate who apparently works in the same building as me, and I was venturing out of my comfort zone). They didn’t have the breaded chicken I wanted, but they had chips and excellent sausage. Excellent sausage is…hard…to get. Believe me. I’ve been around. This is only the second place whose sausage I like.

The waiter was so nice. The place was clean, and not full. The food came fast and was tasty. I was in heaven. As I ate, I literally began to make little moaning sounds because I was so happy. The conditions were optimum. I felt like an exultant petri dish. I seriously considered leaving him an exorbitant tip, but held myself back, because that would result in expectations I could not maintain. I walked back to the office, but in my head, there was a field of tulips. And sunflowers.

Then we had to move the set from the company’s last production, which took about an hour of heavy lifting and sweating and general manual labour. So basically, I worked off lunch AND the cake, and probably breakfast. And last night’s dinner. After that my productivity curve went south and conversation deteriorated into concerts we’d pay money for. @shikodaisy said she’d pay money for a potato festival. I laughed and begun to contemplate the strawberry daquiris that awaited me at 5 with @Thogii, for no reason at all except being young, and gorgeous.



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7 thoughts on “My first Day at Work.

  1. Well, you succeeded in making me want to relive your day – minus the flatulence of course=) Also, one of your best posts to date… I approve.

  2. good first day on many scales save for the gas…gal you were gassy on your first day at work!! some people are stronger than most…have a great day 2 Monday

  3. Hope you did not encounter the boss (apparently in every office)who believes everything he says, does, thinks is more important than the job you applied and thus won't shut up…

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