I am beginning this year with a bit of trepidation. Under normal circumstances I am not good with change. I would much rather my life remains more or less the same, though let me tell you, I was really hoping to win that 100 million shillings LOTTO had up for grabs on New Year’s Eve, […]


one chance (look at her)

My phone is acting up. Again. For some reason, I have a bit of iffy luck with phones. I don’t want to say bad luck, because one man’s poison is another man’s flourishing phone business, but, let us just say, I actively contribute to the technological imports industry of our nation. This particular one is […]


A rather thick and comfortable dilemma

I was hoping that once I got into a further-on stage of my pseudo-adulthood, that I would be able to resist those things that separate the pubescents from the possibly grown – but no. I still walk into a hotel room and want to to immediately steal everything in sight. (the irony here, of course, […]

Almost 30

It’s that awkward moment when you’re closer to 30 than you are to 20 and you still haven’t figured your shit out and by your shit, I mean, your life, and by your life, I mean the things that adulthood is supposed to come with; cleared debt, a fridge full of earthly delights (Nutella, four […]


Have you ever asked your god to make your heart a little smaller? Instead of giving you a space so big, that every time you cry you create oceans of pain, pooled around your bent knee. A smaller heart would mean that, maybe, every time a hand was clutched around it, the blood would not […]

You never think

You never think that there will come a day when you will forget how he once clutched your molten soul between his fingers and squeezed. He bled Your Gold out over your naked body and thought it a masterful watercolour. It was a death. Your soul was all over you and you couldn’t collect the […]

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