Have you ever asked your god to make your heart a little smaller? Instead of giving you a space so big, that every time you cry you create oceans of pain, pooled around your bent knee. A smaller heart would mean that, maybe, every time a hand was clutched around it, the blood would not […]

You never think

You never think that there will come a day when you will forget how he once clutched your molten soul between his fingers and squeezed. He bled Your Gold out over your naked body and thought it a masterful watercolour. It was a death. Your soul was all over you and you couldn’t collect the […]

the invisible

I’m trying to reconstruct something which may or may not have been broken so if you can see the pieces, pick them up and if they were torn apart by invisible hands let’s stitch them together with visible words and comfort let’s love Us back into being.

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