Why breakups are awkward, 2

Now, I realize I leaped ahead of myself by starting with the breakup having already occured. Also awkward is the breakup itself. If you’re the one doing the dumping,where do you do it? What do you say? Do you walk away after? Do you comfort them? Do you apologize though you’re not really sorry? Do you start with the dreaded ‘We have to talk’ a day before so she/he gets a heads up?

And the dumped. If you don’t see it coming,do you cause a scene? Do you beg for a second chance? Do you refuse,because you’ve been watching Dreamgirls and all those movies where the guy is deluded and the girl knows it so she refuses to let him end it? Do you now delete his texts,etc…ah,refer to episode 1.

I was once dumped after watching Transformers. For the first time. At the movies. And because that movie was so emotional, (don’t ask) during it,I realized I loved him. !!! So maybe I’d’ve told him after,but he didn’t exactly give me time. sigh That kinda sucked. (after TRANSFORMERS? REALLY? COULD YOU NOT HOLD IT IN UNTIL THE NEXT DAY??!! Timing is one of those things like common sense that just not everybody has. sigh)

In the space below, that bit that says post a comment? :o) Feel free to fill in your worst breakup experience. Release,closure-nah,not really. Just humor.

Being dumped after you realize you love him after an awesome movie…aaaaaaaaaaaawkward.


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7 thoughts on “Why breakups are awkward, 2

  1. Comforting them sounds like a good idea 😀 You could say something like, “there there hun, don't cry. [hugging begins here] These things happen…to the very best of us. The pain ends, you know, eventually. One day, you'll look back at this and, who knows, maybe you'll manage a chuckle or two…” …if you get off on awkward moments that is. & some people do. Really, they do.

  2. I approve Brian's 'strategy' *high 5*

    Never a need to be dumped at the movies..especially Transformers (You need another post to explain how THAT was an emotional movie btw!)

  3. Now THIS is awkward, me tryna figure out what to comment. For those who know more, smtyms i think am a bitch, n smtyms i think he dint deserve better, n smtyms i think, it was ending ANYWAY. @nigel what was that quote abt 'those who only have the power to accept what they must'.

  4. One of my boyfriends (who admittedly was a douche) broke up with me on the 1st of the New Year via a Myspace message. When I got it I called him and said, “Did you REALLY just break up with me via a MYSPACE MESSAGE?” And he stuttered and beat around the bush and I hung up on him. Of course he said he, “Was just trying to knock some sense into me” (????) and that he really didn't want to breakup but I was just looking for an excuse to get rid of him. He was such a tool.

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