Why breakups are awkward, 1.


You’ve been a part of a person’s life for so long,and they’ve been a part of yours,mpaka by the time you’re breaking up,there’s a lot of stuff to detach from. All kinds of questions arise. Do I defriend them? Stop following them on Twitter? Delete their texts and their number? Are we still friends who can hang out and maybe cop a feel? If I comment on their status/photos will they think it’s weird? Do I still talk to the friends of mine that I made through him/her? Can I talk to them about him/her…do I have to start paying for my own dates again??? Do I stop talking to his/her folks? How are we supposed to act around each other? Damnit,I need a new movie buddy…et al.



12 thoughts on “Why breakups are awkward, 1.

  1. Nothing personal,just business! An ex is an ex for a myriad of good f**ing reasons! As for the friends you met or made whilst you were tight,just treat them like markets and try separating them!

  2. ati WHO do you want paying for your dates?,No,really,you can do all the rest but your ex cant pay for that anymore, that's like a law in Physics! (and you cant like his mkz pics…now thats creepy)

  3. as a keen follower, am tempted to ask..'oh, honey; wat happened?' but i won't! i'll say this..there's no friendship between exes, if there happens to be (never a good idea) it's either you're still in love with them, or you never loved them at all…

  4. @Lizdin perfectly put……many a times i have heard this tired line of “we are just good friends” wapi! Since when did an hyena and a goat cohabit in the name of good friends?? Kama duka limefungwa,limefungwa….jaribu kesho!

  5. @Dan Hehe. Even those extras, ermm…

    @lizdin Nothing happened. :o) It's jus on my mind, randomly. Like if something DID happen, lol! I'm still good friends with 2 out of 5 exes…one turned gay, one is, erm…long story. Hm. Next post, perhaps, after the series. :o)

    @knoppix I am for reFUSE!! It is perfectly possible to coexist peacefully with people of different races…after all, I share the earth with men. 😀

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