That’s that shit.

When he wants to fuck you but he won’t fight for you?
When he’d rather lie to you than trust in you?
When he’d rather share his check than share his life with you?
That’s the shit that makes you scared of love.

When he raises his hand to her instead of holding his future with her?
When she can’t see the truth right in front of her?
When she stays because of the baby but not for her?
That’s the shit that takes away all love.

When she thinks he needs to be a man instead of be the man for her?
When she compares him instead of seeing what he does for her?
When his home is his heartache instead of his refuge because of her?
That’s the shit that makes you never love.

When you look around and see nothing of love
People who only know taking and no giving of love
When the only example you have is what your soul believes of love…
That’s what gives you reason to be more love, love.

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