Almost 30

It’s that awkward moment when you’re closer to 30 than you are to 20 and you still haven’t figured your shit out and by your shit, I mean, your life, and by your life, I mean the things that adulthood is supposed to come with; cleared debt, a fridge full of earthly delights (Nutella, four […]


That’s that shit.

When he wants to fuck you but he won’t fight for you? When he’d rather lie to you than trust in you? When he’d rather share his check than share his life with you? That’s the shit that makes you scared of love. When he raises his hand to her instead of holding his future […]

On the word FUCK

Guess what? This post has cussing. 😀 Also, is a rant. So the sense level, might be, you know, maybe not as up there as I would like. And I’ve had an emotional evening. So, yeah. I just watched the Game of Thrones episode where the Mountain (Queen Sersei’s champion) fights Prince Oberyn (Tyrion Lannister’s […]

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