America is a strange alternate universe in which everything is permissible and allowed, and I don’t understand it all completely, but I am trying to wrap my head around it. I’m just observing and comparing everything here to stuff back home. For example – at the end of the street I’ll be living on for […]


So I went to Cuba

Friends and countrymen, I come to you deep within the throes, nay, the recesses, of a holiday hangover. I mean, I’m really going through it. Never have I ever been on a holiday so divine that even when I came back, the ghosts of good times past still haunted me. Sure, Greece was amazing – […]


one chance (look at her)

My phone is acting up. Again. For some reason, I have a bit of iffy luck with phones. I don’t want to say bad luck, because one man’s poison is another man’s flourishing phone business, but, let us just say, I actively contribute to the technological imports industry of our nation. This particular one is […]


Looking for Light

I went to find beauty today, and it found me on a cold, misty road in Tigoni – after we almost got lost, of course. We were at Kentmere Club. Did I mention that it was cold as hell? It was cold as hell. Refer to picture above. Look at that. No warm fuzzies whatsoever. […]

Ake Festival Submission Story

I applied for the Ake Festival Grant, but I didn’t get in. Figured I would publish the story here, though. ‘The central theme of the competition is travel, which references geographical or physical movement or in the broader sense which encapsulates migration or mind travel. Submitted work must be original and unpublished. Africa must be […]

The Tsavo Diaries: Part 2

RATED. See? I have warnings again. 😀 My work ethic is shit, isn’t it. sigh Lol. Anyhue! So I left off after we had seen the volcanic mountain lava thingy at Tsavo West. After that, we went to Mzima Springs. Which was very, very pretty. And had pretty things. 😀 And can apparently supply water […]

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