Looking for Light

I went to find beauty today, and it found me on a cold, misty road in Tigoni – after we almost got lost, of course. We were at Kentmere Club. Did I mention that it was cold as hell?

It was cold as hell. Refer to picture above.

Look at that. No warm fuzzies whatsoever.

So we get to Kentmere and it is the green heaven I imagined it to be. Bamboo groves, rivers and errthang.


Gorgeous. But you know I wasn’t sitting on those there chairs man. In the rain? And we had just come from raining Nairobi? Helllllz nawwwwl.

I really love these clubs that look ancient. They smell ancient. The food is never any good, but that isn’t the point. Brings the Tea Hotel in Kericho to mind.


This was probs my fave shot of the day. There are a few more on Instagram. I was trying not to flood y’all with beauteousness (apparently that is actually a word. Who knew?)


I have been promised tea and cake in Tigoni. I will not forget.

The North Remembers.

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